Hawaii Revised Statutes 657d-6 Effect on Rights, Remedies, Etc., Pursuant to Written Agreements Entered After Commencement of Military Service.

[§657D-6] Effect on rights, remedies, etc., pursuant to written agreements entered after commencement of military service. Nothing in this chapter shall prevent:

(1) The modification, termination, or cancellation of any contract, lease, or bailment or any obligation secured by mortgage, trust deed, lien, or other security in the nature of a mortgage; or

(2) The repossession, retention, foreclosure, sale, forfeiture, or taking possession of property that is security for any obligation or which has been purchased or received under a contract, lease, or bailment;

pursuant to a written agreement of the parties thereto (including the person in military service, whether or not the person is a party to the obligation), or their assignees, executed during or after the period of military service of that person. [L 1994, c 257, pt of §2]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016