Hawaii Revised Statutes 658d-2 Statement of Findings and Declaration of Purposes.

[§658D-2] Statement of findings and declaration of purposes. The legislature hereby finds and declares that:

(1) The rapid expansion of international business, trade, and commerce among nations in the Pacific region provides important opportunities for the State of Hawaii to participate in such business, trade, and commerce;

(2) There will inevitably arise, from time to time, disagreements and disputes arising from such business, trade, and commercial relations and transactions that are amenable to resolution by means of international arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and other forms of dispute resolution in lieu of international litigation;

(3) It is the policy of this State to encourage the use of arbitration, mediation, and conciliation to reduce disputes arising out of international business, trade, commercial, and other relationships;

(4) It is declared that the objective of encouraging the development of Hawaii as an international center for the resolution of international business, commercial, trade, and other disputes be supported through the establishment of certain legal authorities as set forth in this chapter. [L 1988, c 186, pt of §1]

Revision Note

Paragraphs redesignated.

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Last modified: October 27, 2016