Hawaii Revised Statutes 801. Rights of Accused

  • 801-1 Indictment or Information.
    No person shall be subject to be tried and sentenced to be punished in any court, for an alleged offense, unless upon indictment or...
  • 801-2 Witnesses; Defense.
    In the trial of any person on the charge of any offense, he shall have a right to meet the witnesses, who are produced...
  • 801-3 Jury List, Witnesses.
    Any person indicted for a crime punishable with imprisonment for life not subject to parole shall, on demand upon the clerk by the person...
  • 801-4 Fees Not Payable by Defendant.
    It shall not be lawful to take, demand, or receive any court fees for the issuing of any process for or on behalf of...
  • 801-5 Repealed.
    L 1976, c 131, ยง2.


As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.

Last modified: October 27, 2016