Hawaii Revised Statutes 39-34 Disputed Ownership.

§39-34 Disputed ownership. If there are two or more claimants claiming adversely, each to the other or others, to be the holder in due course of the bonds or coupons alleged to have been lost, wholly or partially destroyed, defaced, or stolen, the director of finance, in the director of finance's discretion, may require the claimants, if not within the State, to appoint agents within the State to accept service of process, or otherwise to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State, and may bring suit on behalf of the State in the circuit court of the first judicial circuit, against the claimants, by interpleader, for the determination of the claimant or claimants entitled to the payment of the bonds or coupons. Jurisdiction is hereby conferred upon the court to hear and determine, without a jury, the suits and to determine whether any of the claimants are entitled to the payment, and, if so, which of the claimants is so entitled; provided that the determination shall not dispense with the requirement of the giving of a bond, before the payment of the claims. The costs of the suit shall be borne by the claimants, and the court may decree the payment of the costs by any of the unsuccessful claimants, or the apportionment thereof, as may be deemed just. The decision of the court shall be appealable to the supreme court. [L 1988, c 28, pt of §3]

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Last modified: October 27, 2016