Hawaii Revised Statutes 40-60 Vouchers Required; Procedure If Not Obtainable.

§40-60 Vouchers required; procedure if not obtainable. The comptroller shall not recognize any claim of whatsoever nature unless an original warrant voucher is presented for the same. No warrant shall be issued in payment for any claim except upon proper indorsement of the warrant voucher, notwithstanding any allegation of papers having been lost or destroyed, or of the impossibility of obtaining the prescribed original warrant voucher, so that it could not reasonably be obtained, except on application to one of the justices of the supreme court at chambers, who, after summoning the comptroller, and other persons the justice may think fit, may, upon evidence satisfactory to the justice that the requisite papers have been lost or destroyed, or that it is impossible or impracticable to procure them, prescribe a form of warrant voucher, which, bearing the approval of the justice, shall then be received by the comptroller and filed as in this chapter provided. All substitute warrant vouchers shall be considered binding on the State and all other parties. [L 1898, c 39, §17; RL 1925, §1459; RL 1935, §585; RL 1945, §1589; RL 1955, §34-39; am L 1957, c 152, §1; HRS §40-60; am L 1975, c 71, §5; gen ch 1985]

Case Notes

Cited: 14 H. 393, 395; 38 H. 310, 326.

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Last modified: October 27, 2016