Illinois Compiled Statutes 105 ILCS 13 P-20 Longitudinal Education Data System Act. Section 40

    (105 ILCS 13/40)

    Sec. 40. Evaluation. Subject to the availability of funding through appropriations made specifically for the purposes of this Act, the State Education Authorities shall contract with an independent outside evaluator for oversight of the development and operation of the longitudinal data system. The independent outside evaluator shall annually submit a report to the State Education Authorities, the Illinois P-20 Council, the Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, and the President and Minority Leader of the Senate. The report shall include without limitation (i) an evaluation of the extent to which the system is being developed and operated to achieve the purposes, objectives, and requirements of this Act; (ii) an evaluation of the oversight and governance of the system by the State Education Authorities and any recommendations to improve the oversight and governance of the system; and (iii) an evaluation of the security measures and procedures developed by the State Education Authorities to protect personally identifiable information and any recommendations to further ensure the privacy of personally identifiable information.

(Source: P.A. 96-107, eff. 7-30-09.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015