Illinois Compiled Statutes 105 ILCS 5 School Code. Section 34A-408

    (105 ILCS 5/34A-408) (from Ch. 122, par. 34A-408)

    Sec. 34A-408. Financial and managerial audits.

    (a) The Authority may examine the business records and audit the accounts of the Board or require that the Board examine its business records and audit its accounts at such time and in such manner as the Authority may prescribe. The Board shall appoint a certified public accountant annually, approved by the Authority, to audit its financial statements.

    (b) The Authority shall initiate and direct financial and managerial assessments and similar analyses of the operations of the Chicago Board of Education, as may be required by this Section or as may, in the judgment of the Authority, assure sound and efficient financial management of the Board.

    (c) On or before April 1, 1994, the Authority shall assure completion of assessments and analyses that:

        (1) Provide for a review of the managerial and

    financial efficiencies and improvements that can be achieved in the operation of the special education programs of the Board.

        (2) Analyze the potential cost savings and

    efficiencies that the Board can achieve through the consolidation of attendance centers and the operations of buildings.

    Upon the completion of these required assessments, the Authority shall make recommendations to the Board regarding improvements and changes that derive from these assessments, which the Board should implement.

    In conjunction with its budgetary submission to the Authority for the fiscal year that ends in 1995, the Board shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Authority that the recommendations requested by the Authority have been implemented in whole or in part or, in the alternative, are not capable of being implemented. In consideration of whether to approve or reject the budget for the fiscal year that ends in 1995, the Authority shall adjudge whether the Board has fully considered and responsibly proposed implementation of the Authority's recommendations.

    (d) On or before April 1, 1995, the Authority shall adopt and submit a report to the General Assembly, the Governor, and the Chicago Board of Education that reflects a comprehensive assessment of the financial status of the Chicago Board of Education. The report shall include an expenditure analysis of all special education programs provided by the Board, which shall include the number of programs available and student participation, the dollar amount spent on each program, the program location, the availability of transportation for students participating in the programs, and related expenditure recommendations. In addition, the report shall also include a review of all attendance centers for efficiency purposes, which shall include the total number of attendance centers in use, their capacities, and the number of students currently enrolled in the attendance centers, and the attendance center long range capital needs (repair and maintenance) based upon current and estimated future enrollments. A study shall also be included on teacher/student ratios.

    (e) The Authority shall initiate and direct a management audit of the Board at least once every 2 years. The audit shall review the personnel, organization, contracts, leases, and physical properties of the Board to determine whether the Board is managing and utilizing its resources in an economical and efficient manner. The audit shall determine the causes of any inefficiencies or uneconomical practices, including inadequacies in internal and administrative procedures, organizational structure, uses of resources, utilization of real property, allocation of personnel, purchasing policies, and equipment.

(Source: P.A. 88-511.)

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