Illinois Compiled Statutes 10 ILCS 5 Election Code. Section 24-11

    (10 ILCS 5/24-11) (from Ch. 46, par. 24-11)

    Sec. 24-11. That portion of cardboard, paper or other material, placed on the front of the machine and containing the names of the candidates shall be known in this Article as a ballot label. The ballot labels shall be supplied by the election authority, and shall be printed in black ink on clear white material of such size as will fit the machine and in plain, clear type, and shall provide space, not less than one-half inch in height and one and one-half inches in width for the printing of each candidate's name with such other wording as is required by law. However, ballot labels for use at the nonpartisan and consolidated elections may be printed on different color material, except blue material, whenever necessary or desirable to facilitate distinguishing between different political subdivisions on the machine. The names of all candidates shall be printed in uniform size in boldface type. The party name or other designation shall be prefixed to the list of the candidates of such party. The order of the lists of candidates of the several parties shall be arranged as is in this Act provided, except that the lists may be placed in horizontal rows or vertical columns, which parties may, if desired be divided into parallel and contiguous rows or columns. Where presidential electors are to be voted for at any election, then there may be placed on the ballot labels a bracket in which are the names of the candidates for President and Vice President of the party or group. Each question or other proposition, to be submitted to a vote of the electors shall appear on the ballot labels, in the form prescribed therefor, but if no such form is prescribed then they shall be in brief form, not to exceed 75 words. The ballot label for each candidate or group of candidates nominated or seeking nomination by a political party shall contain the name of the political party.

    In any election in which there is submitted a proposal or proposals for a constitutional amendment or amendments or for calling of a constitutional convention the ballot label for the separate ballot for such proposals shall be printed on blue, rather than white, material.

    In elections held pursuant to the provisions of Section 12 of Article VI of the Constitution relating to retention of judges in office, the ballot label for the judicial retention propositions shall be printed on green, rather than white, material.

    If any voting machine being used in an election or primary shall become out of order during such election or primary, it shall, if possible, be repaired or another machine substituted by the custodian or election authority, for which purpose the proper authorities may purchase as many extra voting machines as they may deem necessary, but in case such necessary repairs or substitution cannot be made immediately, paper ballots, printed or written and of suitable form, shall be used for the taking of votes. The paper ballots to be used in such event shall be prepared and distributed to the various precincts in the manner provided for in Sections 16-3 and 16-4 of this Election Code; except that the election authority shall supply a number of ballots to each precinct equal to at least 20% of the number of voters registered to vote in that precinct. If a method of election for any candidates is prescribed by law, in which the use of voting machines is not possible or practicable, or in case, at any election the number of candidates nominated or seeking nomination for any office renders the use of the voting machine for such office at such election impracticable, or if for any reason, at any election the use of voting machines is not practicable or possible, the proper officer or officers having charge of the preparation of the ballot labels for the machines may arrange to have the voting for such or all candidates for offices conducted by paper ballots. In such cases ballots shall be printed for such or all candidates, and the election conducted by the election officers herein provided for, and the ballots counted and return thereof made in the manner required by law for such candidate or candidates or offices, insofar as paper ballots are used.

(Source: P.A. 97-813, eff. 7-13-12.)

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