Illinois Compiled Statutes 305 ILCS 5 Illinois Public Aid Code. Section 9-1

    (305 ILCS 5/9-1) (from Ch. 23, par. 9-1)

    Sec. 9-1. Declaration of Purpose. It is the purpose of this Article to aid applicants for and recipients of public aid under Articles III, IV, V, and VI, to increase their capacities for self-support, self-care, and responsible citizenship, and to assist them in maintaining and strengthening family life. If authorized pursuant to Section 9-8, this Article may be extended to former and potential recipients and to persons whose income does not exceed the standard established to determine eligibility for aid as a medically indigent person under Article V. The Department, with the written consent of the Governor, may also:

        (a) extend this Article to individuals and their

    families with income closely related to national indices of poverty who have special needs resulting from institutionalization of a family member or conditions that may lead to institutionalization or who live in impoverished areas or in facilities developed to serve persons of low income;

        (b) establish, where indicated, schedules of payment

    for service provided based on ability to pay;

        (c) provide for the coordinated delivery of the

    services described in this Article and related services offered by other public or private agencies or institutions, and cooperate with the Illinois Department on Aging to enable it to properly execute and fulfill its duties pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.01 of the "Illinois Act on the Aging", as now or hereafter amended;

        (d) provide in-home care services, such as chore and

    housekeeping services or homemaker services, to recipients of public aid under Articles IV and VI, the scope and eligibility criteria for such services to be determined by rule;

        (e) contract with other State agencies for the

    purchase of social service under Title XX of the Social Security Act, such services to be provided pursuant to such other agencies' enabling legislation; and

        (f) cooperate with the Department of Healthcare and

    Family Services to provide services to public aid recipients for the treatment and prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse.

(Source: P.A. 95-331, eff. 8-21-07.)

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