Illinois Compiled Statutes 35 ILCS 405 Illinois Estate and Generation-skipping Transfer Tax Act. Section 16

    (35 ILCS 405/16) (from Ch. 120, par. 405A-16)

    Sec. 16. Duty of Attorney General; failure to pay tax; proceedings.

    (a) Duty of the Attorney General. It is the duty of the Attorney General to exercise general supervision over the assessment and collection of the tax provided in this Act, and in the discharge of that duty, the Attorney General may prescribe rules and regulations as are deemed necessary and may institute and prosecute suits and proceedings as may be necessary and proper, appearing therein for that purpose; and it shall be the duty of the several State's Attorneys to render assistance when requested by the Attorney General to do so. The Attorney General shall determine and assess the tax as provided for in this Act.

    (b) Disclosure of federal return information. When receipt of estate tax information from the Internal Revenue Service under the Agreement on Coordination of Tax Administration between the Internal Revenue Service and the Attorney General discloses possible Illinois estate tax liability, any person possessing federal estate tax information shall be required to submit such information to the Attorney General upon request to enable the Attorney General to audit the return or Internal Revenue Service audit adjustments and to determine whether any tax, penalty, or interest is due the State of Illinois where such return information has not been filed with the Attorney General. A claim of confidentiality under Section 48.1 of the Illinois Banking Act shall not prohibit or preclude the dissemination of tax information required under this Section and shall not constitute grounds for failing or refusing to surrender such tax information to the Attorney General in the administration and enforcement of this Act. Any tax information submitted in compliance with this Section shall be treated and afforded with the same confidentiality as a return filed under the Act.

(Source: P.A. 91-150, eff. 7-16-99.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015