Illinois Compiled Statutes 35 ILCS 635 Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Act. Section 27

    (35 ILCS 635/27)

    Sec. 27. Returns by telecommunications retailer; extensions. Except as provided hereinafter in this Section, on or before the 30th day of each month each telecommunications retailer maintaining a place of business in this State shall make a return and payment of fees to the Department for the preceding calendar month on a form prescribed and furnished by the Department. The return shall be signed by the telecommunications retailer under penalties of perjury and shall contain the following information:

        1. His or her name;

        2. The address of his or her principal place of

    business, or the address of the principal place of business (if that is a different address) from which he or she engages in the business of transmitting telecommunications;

        3. The total amount of gross charges charged by him

    or her during the preceding calendar month for providing telecommunications during such calendar month;

        4. The total amount received by him or her during the

    preceding calendar month on credit extended;

        5. Deductions allowed by law;

        6. Gross charges that were charged by him or her

    during the preceding calendar month and upon the basis of which the State infrastructure maintenance fee is imposed;

        7. (Blank);

        8. Amounts of fees due;

        9. Such other reasonable information as the

    Department may require.

    If the telecommunications retailer's average monthly liability to the Department does not exceed $100, the Department may authorize his or her returns to be filed on a quarter annual basis, with the return for January, February, and March of a given year being due by April 15 of such year; with the return for April, May, and June of a given year being due by July 15 of such year; with the return for July, August, and September of a given year being due by October 15 of such year; and with the return of October, November, and December of a given year being due by January 15 of the following year.

    Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act concerning the time within which a telecommunications retailer may file his or her return, in the case of any telecommunications retailer who ceases to engage in a kind of business which makes him or her responsible for filing returns under this Act, such telecommunications retailer shall file a final return under this Act with the Department not more than one month after discontinuing such business.

    In making such return, the telecommunications retailer shall determine the value of any consideration other than money received by him or her and he or she shall include such value in his or her return. Such determination shall be subject to review and revision by the Department in the manner hereinafter provided for the correction of returns.

    If any payment provided for in this Section exceeds the telecommunications retailer's liabilities under this Act, as shown on an original monthly return, the Department may authorize the telecommunications retailer to credit such excess payment against liability subsequently to be remitted to the Department under this Act, in accordance with reasonable rules and regulations prescribed by the Department. If the Department subsequently determines that all or any part of the credit taken was not actually due to the telecommunications retailer, the telecommunications retailer's 2% discount shall be reduced by 2% of the difference between the credit taken and that actually due, and that telecommunications retailer shall be liable for penalties and interest on such difference.

    Any telecommunications retailer required to make payments under this Section may make the payments by electronic funds transfer. The Department shall adopt rules necessary to effectuate a program of electronic funds transfer.

(Source: P.A. 92-526, eff. 1-1-03.)

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