Illinois Compiled Statutes 45 ILCS 50 Interstate Mining Compact Act. Section 1.4

    (45 ILCS 50/1.4) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 4705)

    Sec. 1.4. Article IV. Powers.)

    In addition to any other powers conferred upon the Interstate Mining Commission, established by Article V of this compact, such Commission shall have power to:

    a. Study mining operations, processes and techniques for the purpose of gaining knowledge concerning the effects of such operation, processes and techniques on land, soil, water, air, plant and animal life, recreation, and patterns of community or regional development or change.

    b. Study the conservation, adaptation, improvement and restoration of land and related resources affected by mining.

    c. Make recommendations concerning any aspect or aspects of law or practice and governmental administration dealing with matters within the purview of this compact.

    d. Gather and disseminate information relating to any of the matters within the purview of this compact.

    e. Cooperate with the federal government and any public or private entities having interest in any subject coming within the purview of this compact.

    f. Consult, upon the request of a party State and within resources available therefore, with the officials of such State in respect to any problem within the purview of this compact.

    g. Study and make recommendations with respect to any practice, process, technique, or course of action that may improve the efficiency of mining or the economic yield from mining operations.

    h. Study and make recommendations relating to the safeguarding of access to resources which are or may become the subject of mining operations to the end that the needs of the economy for the products of mining may not be adversely affected by unplanned or inappropriate use of land and other resources containing minerals or otherwise connected with actual or potential mining sites.

(Source: P.A. 79-231.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015