Illinois Compiled Statutes 50 ILCS 805 Local Land Resource Management Planning Act. Section 4

    (50 ILCS 805/4) (from Ch. 85, par. 5804)

    Sec. 4. Local Land Resource Management Plans. A municipality or county, either independently, or jointly or compatibly by intergovernmental agreement pursuant to Section 6, may adopt Local Land Resource Management Plans. Such plans may include goals and procedures for resolving conflicts in relation to the following objectives:

    (1) Agricultural Preservation - to preserve and maintain the productivity of agricultural lands;

    (2) Air and Land Resources Quality - to ensure that air and land resource quality meet or exceed legally established standards;

    (3) Archaeological, Cultural, and Historic Places - to identify and preserve with integrity archaeological, cultural, and historic places;

    (4) Areas Subject to Natural Disasters and Hazards - to identify, document, publicize, and establish the best safe usage for land subject to natural disasters and hazards, including flooding;

    (5) Economy of the Area - to create an environment for viable economic activity;

    (6) Energy Conservation - to provide programs for energy conservation;

    (7) Forest Lands - to conserve forest lands;

    (8) Governmental Cooperation - to provide opportunity for cooperation with other units of government;

    (9) Housing - to provide for the housing needs of existing and anticipated residents of the municipality;

    (10) Natural Resources - to conserve natural resources;

    (11) Open Spaces - to conserve open spaces;

    (12) Public Facilities and Services - to provide public facilities and services in a healthful and economical manner;

    (13) Recreational Needs - to provide recreational space and opportunities;

    (14) Transportation - to encourage safe and efficient public transit and private automobile usage;

    (15) Urban Design - to provide programs for the enhancement of the visual environment;

    (16) Water - to ensure good quality and quantity of water resources;

    (17) Citizen Involvement - to develop a citizen involvement program that ensures the opportunity for citizens to be involved in the preparation of the Local Land Resource Management Plan;

    (18) Data Collection - to develop and maintain data on existing social, economic and physical conditions including analysis of municipal needs, and demographic projections to provide current information for decisions and action.

(Source: P.A. 84-865.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015