Illinois Compiled Statutes 510 ILCS 68 Herptiles-herps Act Section 5-20

    (510 ILCS 68/5-20)

    Sec. 5-20. Taking of endangered or threatened species.

    (a) No person shall take or possess any of the herptiles listed in the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act or subsequent administrative rules, except as provided by that Act.

    (b) Any Department-permitted threatened or endangered (T/E) herptile species shall be exempt from an individual's overall possession under the permitting system set forth in this Act. However, any and all T/E specimens shall be officially recorded with the Department's Endangered Species Conservation Program. Any species occurring on the federal T/E list also requires a Department permit for possession, propagation, sale, or offer for sale unless otherwise permitted through the Department.

    (c) Due to the similarity of appearance (S/A) of certain intergrade or hybrid specimens, the Department retains the authority to enforce any and all provisions under this Act. Specimens determined by the Department, or agents, to fit into this S/A category shall receive all benefits of this Act, as well as the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act if applicable, and shall be included in an individual's overall possession limit.

    (d) Federally licensed exhibits shall not be exempt from the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act.

    (e) Any changes in T/E permit numbers for herptiles by current, existing permit holders shall be reported to the Department in writing no later than the first business day after that change occurred. Requests for permits by any resident acquiring a T/E species who is not permitted shall not be issued after-the-fact.

    (f) Annual reports are due by January 31 of each year for the preceding year's activities. Failure to submit the annual report by the due date shall result in a permit violation.

    (g) An annual fee for herptile T/E species permits, per permittee, shall be set by administrative rule. All fees for herptile T/E species permits shall be deposited into the Wildlife Preservation Fund.

    (h) Procedures for acquisition, breeding, and sales of T/E herptile species shall be set forth in administrative rule.

    (i) Record keeping requirements for T/E herptile species shall be set forth in administrative rule.

(Source: P.A. 98-752, eff. 1-1-15.)

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