Illinois Compiled Statutes 605 Roads and Bridges: Article 10 - Special Provisions Concerning Bridges, Ferries, Terminals And Other Highway Structures

Division 1. Department Acquisition by Gift of Bridges and Approaches Across Streams Forming State Boundary and Maintenance Thereof

Division 2. County Construction and Maintenance of Free Bridges on State Boundaries

Division 3. County Toll Bridges

Division 5. Municipal Bridges and Approaches

Division 6. Municipal Bridges, Ferries and Terminals

Division 7. Municipal Toll Bridges--additional Authorization to Acquire, Construct, Maintain, Etc.

Division 8. Municipal Bridges Over River Forming State Boundary

Division 9. Department Acquisition of Certain Ferries

Division 10. Department Maintenance and Control of Covered Bridges

Last modified: February 18, 2015