Illinois Compiled Statutes 610 ILCS 115 Street Railroad Right of Way Act. Section 1

    (610 ILCS 115/1) (from Ch. 131 1/4, par. 1)

    Sec. 1. That any company which has been or shall be incorporated under the general laws of this state, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining or operating any horse, dummy or street railroad or tramway, may enter upon and appropriate any property necessary for the construction, maintenance and operation of its road, and all necessary siding, side tracks and appurtenances, and may, subject to the provisions contained in this act, locate and construct its road upon and over any street, alley, road or highway, or across or over any waters in this state, in such manner as not to unnecessarily obstruct the public use of such street, alley, road or highway, or interrupt the navigation of such waters: Provided, every such street railway may be operated by animal, cable, electric or any other motive power that may have been or shall hereafter be granted to it by the proper public officers or authorities, except steam locomotive engines.

(Source: Laws 1899, p. 331.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015