Illinois Compiled Statutes 625 Vehicles: Article 18c - Illinois Commercial Transportation Law

Sub-chapter 1. General Provisions

Article I. Short Title, Legislative Intent, State Transportation Policy, and Definitions

Article II. Jurisdiction and Power of the Commission

Article III. Employee Boards

Article IV. Modification of Standards and Procedures

Article V. Fees and Taxes

Article VI. Transportation Regulatory Fund

Article VII. Violations of the Law

Article VIII. Service of Notices, Orders and Process

Sub-chapter 2. Proceedings Before the Commission and the Courts

Article I. Administrative Proceedings Before the Commission

Article II. Judicial Review Proceedings

Article III. Administrative and Judicial Enforcement Proceedings

Article IV. Venue and Jurisdiction

Sub-chapter 3. Substantive Provisions Applicable to More Than One Transportation Mode

Article I. Licensing

Article II. Ratemaking

Article III. Other Provisions Common to All Transportation Modes

Sub-chapter 4. Motor Carriers of Property

Article I. General Provisions Governing Motor Carriers of Property

Article II. Licensing

Article III. Transfer of Licenses

Article IV. Rate Filings and Registration of Intrastate Public Carriers and Equipment and Registration of Interstate Carriers and Equipment

Article V. Ratemaking.

Article VI. Cab Cards and Identifiers

Article VII. Identification of Carriers

Article VIII. Bills of Lading

Article IX. Safety Regulations for Motor Carriers of Property: Insurance

Sub-chapter 5. Special Provisions Applicable to Transportation of Property Over Public Roads

Article I. Brokers

Article II. Resolution of Household Goods Disputes

Article III. Non-relocation Towing

Sub-chapter 6. Motor Carriers of Passengers

Article I. General Provisions Governing Motor Carriers of Passengers

Article II. Licensing

Article III. Addition, Change, Reduction, or Discontinuance of Scheduled Motor Bus Service

Article IV. Ratemaking

Article V. Safety Requirements for Motor Carriers of Passengers

Sub-chapter 7 Rail Carriers.

Article I. Jurisdiction Over Rail Carriers.

Article II. Registration and Services of Rail Carriers

Article III. Ratemaking

Article IV. Safety Requirements for Rail Carriers

Article V. Miscellaneous Provisions.

Sub-chapter 8. Common Carriers by Pipeline

Article I. Jurisdiction and Power Over Common Carriers by Pipeline

Article II. Licensing and Ratemaking

Article III. Safety Regulation

Article IV. Miscellaneous Provisions

Sub-chapter 9. Miscellaneous Provisions of Law

Article I. Remedies Cumulative

Article II. Grandfather Provisions

  • Illinois Vehicle Code. - 625 ILCS 5, Section 18c-9201
    Grandfather Clause. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Chapter, valid regulations adopted, licenses, registrations, certifications and other authorizations issued or recognized, rates established...

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