Illinois Compiled Statutes 65 ILCS 120 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Act. Section 10-30

    (65 ILCS 120/10-30)

    Sec. 10-30. Deputization. COPSC may enter into agreements with political subdivisions of the State and with other states, regional authorities, and the federal Government. Pursuant to these agreements, the COPSC Chairperson may deputize or otherwise designate qualified law enforcement personnel from those other governmental units to assist COPSC in performing specifically described activities under this Article during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those deputized or designated persons shall have the status of a peace officer in the State during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and shall have all the powers possessed by policemen in cities and by sheriffs, including the power to make arrests for violations of State statutes or municipal or county ordinances, except that those powers (i) may be exercised only within the geographic areas affirmatively authorized in writing by the COPSC Chairperson and (ii) may be otherwise restricted or limited by the COPSC Chairperson in that writing. Any authorization for deputization or designation pursuant to this subsection shall be made in writing, and should be carried by each such deputized or designated person (or kept in reasonable proximity thereto) and produced upon demand by another peace officer.

(Source: P.A. 96-7, eff. 4-3-09.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015