Illinois Compiled Statutes 730 ILCS 168 Mental Health Court Treatment Act. Section 35

    (730 ILCS 168/35)

    Sec. 35. Violation; termination; discharge.

    (a) If the court finds from the evidence presented, including but not limited to the reports or proffers of proof from the mental health court professionals that:

        (1) the defendant is not performing satisfactorily in

    the assigned program;

        (2) the defendant is not benefiting from education,

    treatment, or rehabilitation;

        (3) the defendant has engaged in criminal conduct

    rendering him or her unsuitable for the program; or

        (4) the defendant has otherwise violated the terms

    and conditions of the program or his or her sentence or is for any reason unable to participate; the court may impose reasonable sanctions under prior written agreement of the defendant, including but not limited to imprisonment or dismissal of the defendant from the program; and the court may reinstate criminal proceedings against him or her or proceed under Section 5-6-4 of the Unified Code of Corrections for a violation of probation, conditional discharge, or supervision hearing. No defendant may be dismissed from the program unless, prior to such dismissal, the defendant is informed in writing: (i) of the reason or reasons for the dismissal; (ii) the evidentiary basis supporting the reason or reasons for the dismissal; (iii) that the defendant has a right to a hearing at which he or she may present evidence supporting his or her continuation in the program. Based upon the evidence presented, the court shall determine whether the defendant has violated the conditions of the program and whether the defendant should be dismissed from the program or whether some other alternative may be appropriate in the interests of the defendant and the public.

    (b) Upon successful completion of the terms and conditions of the program, the court may dismiss the original charges against the defendant or successfully terminate the defendant's sentence or otherwise discharge him or her from the program or from any further proceedings against him or her in the original prosecution.

(Source: P.A. 95-606, eff. 6-1-08.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015