Illinois Compiled Statutes 765 ILCS 1045 Industrial and Linen Supplies Marking Law. Section 9

    (765 ILCS 1045/9) (from Ch. 140, par. 109)

    Sec. 9. Unlawful acts.

    It is unlawful for any persons, except the registrant, a person who has the written consent of the registrant, or a person who has purchased the supplies from the registrant, to do any of the following:

    (a) Use, give, buy, take, destroy, sell, damage, or otherwise dispose of, or traffic in articles of supplies upon which a name, mark, or device filed hereunder is produced;

    (b) Refuse to return such articles or supplies upon receipt of written demand of the registrant or his authorized agent, or to deface, erase, obliterate, cover-up, or otherwise remove or conceal any such name, mark, or device, unless written consent of the owner is obtained or unless the articles or supplies have been purchased from the registrant;

    (c) Transfer articles or supplies owned by an industrial uniform or towel supply company, or a linen or towel supply company from one contracted location to another location without the knowledge or written consent or written contract of the registrant;

    (d) Launder, wash, clean, renovate, permit, or cause such laundering, washing, cleaning, or renovating, of any towels, sheets, pillow cases, napkins, tablecloths, linens, coats, aprons, garments, articles of dust control, toilet devices, towel dispensing cabinets, or other kindred articles or supplies including bags, carts, baskets or other receptacles used as packages or containers in the use and distribution of such articles and supplies, upon which a name, mark, or device filed under this Act is produced, the possession of which is claimed by way of loan or other agreed use from the registrant, except by the written consent of the registrant.

(Source: Laws 1967, p. 1405.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2015