Illinois Compiled Statutes 805 ILCS 105 General Not for Profit Corporation Act of 1986. Section 107.35

    (805 ILCS 105/107.35) (from Ch. 32, par. 107.35)

    Sec. 107.35. Inspectors. At any meeting of members, the chairman of the meeting may, or upon the request of any members shall, appoint one or more persons as inspectors for such meeting, unless an inspector or inspectors shall have been previously appointed for such meeting in the manner provided by the bylaws of the corporation.

    Such inspectors shall ascertain and report the number of votes represented at the meeting, based upon their determination of the validity and effect of proxies; count all votes and report the results; and do such other acts as are proper to conduct the election and voting with impartiality and fairness to all the members.

    Each report of an inspector shall be in writing and signed by him or her or by a majority of them if there be more than one inspector acting at such meeting. If there is more than one inspector, the report of a majority shall be the report of the inspectors. The report of the inspector or inspectors on the number of votes represented at the meeting and the results of the voting shall be prima facie evidence thereof.

(Source: P.A. 84-1423.)

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