General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 100 Auctioneers - Section 3 Applications for licenses; acceptance of license; service of process

Section 3. Any person desiring to be licensed as an auctioneer shall make written application, under oath, to the deputy director on a form provided by him. Said application shall set forth the name and address of the applicant and of any other person having a financial interest, direct or indirect, in the business to be conducted by the applicant. Said application shall be accompanied by evidence satisfactory to the deputy director that the applicant is a citizen of the United States, has attained the age of eighteen years, has successfully completed a course of study at a school recognized by the deputy director, and has successfully completed a written examination in accordance with the provisions of section three A of this chapter. Said application shall be accompanied by a license fee in the amount of one hundred dollars, or such other amount as the secretary of administration and finance pursuant to the provisions of section three B of chapter seven shall establish, together with two letters of recommendation for licensure signed by a licensed auctioneer, and elected public official, or member of the Massachusetts bar.

Said application shall be further accompanied by a bond upon the applicant in the sum of ten thousand dollars, or such other amount as provided by regulation, payable to the deputy director or his successors with sureties approved by the deputy director, and conditioned upon applicant’s compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Said bond shall guarantee the payment of all fines and penalties incurred by applicant as a licensee for his violations of the said provisions, and also guarantee the payment or satisfaction of any final judgements on claims by creditors against the licensee arising in connection with business conducted under a license granted under this chapter. All such payments under said bond being limited to the amount of said bond. Such a creditor’s claim, however, must have been duly filed by giving written notice to the deputy director prior to the expiration of sixty days from the return or surrender of said license or date of the filing of an affidavit of loss of the license held by the licensee against whom the claim is made.

The acceptance by an applicant of a license issued by the deputy director to him as a licensee shall be deemed equivalent to an appointment by the licensee of the deputy director, or his successors in office, to be the licensee’s true and lawful attorney upon whom may be served all lawful process in any action or proceeding against him under said license. Any process against the licensee so served shall, if said licensee is notified as hereinafter provided, be of the same legal force and validity as if served on him personally, and the mailing by the deputy director of a copy of such process to said licensee at his last address, as appearing on the deputy director’s records, shall be sufficient notice to him of such service. Service of such process shall be made by delivering or mailing duplicate copies thereof together with a fee of two dollars to the office of the deputy director, and the deputy director shall forthwith send one of said copies by mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the defendant licensee named in such process at his last address as appearing on the deputy director’s records.

An affidavit of the deputy director, or of any person authorized by him to send such copy, that such copy has been mailed shall be prima facie evidence thereof. One of the duplicates of such process, certified by the deputy director as having been delivered to the office of the deputy director, shall be sufficient evidence of service upon him as attorney for the licensee named as defendant in the process.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015