General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 104 Agents, Consignees and Factors - Section 6 Effect of Secs. 1 to 5 on lien of consignee

Section 6. The three preceding sections shall not affect the lien of a consignee or factor for expenses and charges attending the shipment, transportation and care of merchandise intrusted to him; nor prevent the actual owner of merchandise from recovering it, previous to any pledge thereof, from the consignee or factor or from his assignee in case of his insolvency; nor prevent such owner from recovering any merchandise or document so deposited or pledged, on tender of the money and restoration of the negotiable security or property so advanced to such consignee or factor, and on tender of such further amount of money and restoration of such negotiable instrument or property advanced or given by the consignee or factor to the owner, or upon tender of an amount of money equal to the amount or value of such merchandise; nor prevent him from recovering from a person with whom such merchandise has been so deposited or pledged any balance of money remaining in his hands as the proceeds of the sales thereof, after deducting the amount or value of the money or negotiable security so advanced thereon.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015