General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 105 Public Warehouses - Section 2B Duties and rights of warehousemen after revocation of license

Section 2B. After the revocation of his license, the warehouseman shall accept for storage no more goods, wares or merchandise. Forthwith upon such revocation, he shall offer to return to the person or persons entitled thereto all goods, wares and merchandise then deposited for storage with him, upon payment in full of all lawful charges due him and the surrender of the warehouse or other proper receipts. Said warehouseman may, at any time after such revocation, store any goods, wares or merchandise in his possession with another public warehouseman, licensed as provided in section one, in the name and for the account of the person or persons entitled thereto; and, if within sixty days after such revocation, the warehouseman whose license is revoked so stores any goods, wares or merchandise, and transmits therewith a bill setting forth the accrued charges for storage thereon, he shall continue to have a lien therefor which shall be enforceable for his account by the licensed warehouseman with whom he places them in storage, otherwise he shall lose his lien for such charges.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015