General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 11 Department of the State Auditor - Section 13 Federally funded programs; mutual financial audits; agreements

Section 13. The state auditor may enter into agreements or contracts with the federal government or its agencies, or state agencies, acting in behalf thereof for the purpose of conducting mutual financial audits of programs funded in whole or in part by the federal government and carried out by agencies of the commonwealth. Such audits shall be undertaken only after related contracts or agreements between the parties have been filed with the joint legislative committee on federal financial assistance and funds received in accordance with such agreements have been deposited with the state treasurer into a separate account and expended solely for the purpose of this section. The costs of these audits shall not exceed the amount of funds received therefor and for these purposes may be expended without appropriation and providing further that the commonwealth shall receive the maximum reimbursement for the cost of providing group insurance, workers’ compensation and retirement benefits. The term of employment of any individual hired by the state auditor under the provisions of this section shall be expressly limited in duration by the availability of federal funds. The term of employment shall expire on the date of expiration of the federal funds.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015