General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 110 Labels, Trade Marks, Names and Registration Thereof - Section 25 Search warrant

Section 25. Upon complaint of a person who has complied with section twenty-one, or his agent, to a district court that he has reason to believe and does believe that a person has wrongfully in his possession or is secreting any of his registered cans, tubs or cabinets, said court may issue a search warrant to discover and obtain the same, and may also cause to be brought before him the person or his agent or employee in whose possession such cans, tubs or cabinets are found, and shall thereupon inquire into the circumstances of such possession; and, if said court finds that such person has been guilty of a wilful violation of any of the provisions of the three preceding sections, he shall impose the penalty prescribed therefor and shall also order the property taken upon such search warrant to be delivered to the owner.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015