General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 111K Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Commission - Section 2 Catastrophic illness in children relief fund commission; establishment; members

Section 2. (a) There is hereby established a catastrophic illness in children relief fund commission within the department of public health. The commission shall consist of the secretary of health and human services, the commissioner of public health, the commissioner of insurance and the state treasurer, who shall be members ex officio, and seven public members who shall be residents of the commonwealth, three of whom shall be appointed by the governor, one of whom shall be a representative of the AFL-CIO and four of whom shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the attorney general, including two of whom shall be providers of health care services to children in the commonwealth. The public members shall serve terms of five years, but the three public members first appointed by the governor shall serve for terms of two, three and four years, respectively.

(b) Each public member shall hold office for the term of his appointment and until his successor has been appointed and qualified. A member of the commission is eligible for reappointment.

(c) Each ex officio member of the commission may designate an employee of his department to represent him at meetings of the commission, and each designee may lawfully vote and otherwise act on behalf of the ex officio member for whom he constitutes the designee. Any designation shall be in writing delivered to the commission and filed with the secretary of state. The designation shall continue in effect until revoked or amended in the same manner as provided for in the initial designation.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015