General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 118E Division of Medical Assistance - Section 13G Hospital assets not to be considered as resources for purpose of establishing rates

Section 13G. The executive office, or a governmental unit designated to perform ratemaking functions by the executive office, shall not consider the following as resources of such hospitals in the establishment, review or approval of acute and non-acute hospital rates and charges: restricted and unrestricted grants; gifts; contributions; bequests; fund principle; term endowments and endowment balances; restricted gifts; unrestricted gifts; and all income from any of the foregoing, including unrestricted income from endowment funds and income and gains from investment of unrestricted funds. The following words shall have the following meanings as used in this paragraph:

“Income and gains from investment of unrestricted funds”, interest, dividends, rents or other income on investments, including net gains or losses resulting from investment transactions.

“Term endowment”, funds available upon termination of restrictions.

“Unrestricted gifts”, gifts, grants, contributions and bequests, upon which there are no restrictions imposed by the donor.

“Unrestricted income from endowment funds”, income earned on investment of endowment funds which have no restrictions on income.

An acute or non-acute care hospital aggrieved by any action or failure to act by the executive office under this chapter may file an appeal under section 13E.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015