General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 118I Health Information Technology - Section 2 Health information technology council

Section 2. (a) There shall be a health information technology council within the executive office of health and human services. The council shall coordinate with state agencies, including the commission, other governmental entities and private stakeholders to develop a statewide health information exchange. The council shall advise the executive office on design, implementation, operation and use of the statewide health information exchange and related infrastructure.

(b) The council shall consist of the following 21 members: the secretary of health and human services or a designee, who shall serve as the chair; the secretary of administration and finance or a designee; the executive director of the health policy commission or a designee; the executive director of the center for health information analysis; the director of the Massachusetts e-Health Institute; the secretary of housing and economic development or a designee; the director of the office of Medicaid or a designee; and 14 members who shall be appointed by the governor, of whom at least 1 shall be an expert in health information technology; 1 shall be an expert in law and health policy; 1 shall be an expert in health information privacy and security; 1 shall be from an academic medical center; 1 shall be from a community hospital; 1 shall be from a community health center; 1 shall be from a long term care facility; 1 shall be a from large physician group practice; 1 shall be from a small physician group practice; 1 shall be a registered nurse; shall be from a behavioral health, substance abuse disorder or mental health services organization; 1 shall represent health insurance carriers; and 2 additional members shall have experience or expertise in health information technology. The council may consult with all relevant parties, public or private, in exercising its duties under this section, including persons with expertise and experience in the development and dissemination of electronic health records systems, and the implementation of electronic health record systems by small physician groups or ambulatory care providers, as well as persons representing organizations within the commonwealth interested in and affected by the development of networks and electronic health records systems, including, but not limited to, persons representing local public health agencies, licensed hospitals and other licensed facilities and providers, private purchasers, the medical and nursing professions, physicians and health insurers, the state quality improvement organization, academic and research institutions, consumer advisory organizations with expertise in health information technology and other stakeholders as identified by the secretary of health and human services. Appointed members of the council shall serve for terms of 2 years or until a successor is appointed. Members shall be eligible to be reappointed and shall serve without compensation.

Chapter 268A shall apply to all council members, except that the council may purchase from, sell to, borrow from, contract with or otherwise deal with any organization in which any council member is in anyway interested or involved; provided, however, that such interest or involvement shall be disclosed in advance to the council and recorded in the minutes of the proceedings of the council; and provided, further, that no member shall be considered to have violated section 4 of said chapter 268A because of the member’s receipt of usual and regular compensation from such member’s employer during the time in which the member participates in the activities of the council.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015