General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 121B Housing and Urban Renewal - Section 3 Housing authorities; creation; dissolution

Section 3. There is hereby created, in each city and town in the commonwealth, a public body politic and corporate to be known as the “Housing authority” of such city or town; provided, that no such authority shall transact any business or exercise any powers until the need for a housing authority has been determined and until a certificate of organization has been issued to it by the state secretary, both as hereinafter provided.

Whenever the municipal officers of a city or an annual or special town meeting shall determine that a housing authority is needed therein for the purpose of the clearance of substandard, decadent or blighted open areas or the provision of housing for families or elderly persons of low income or engaging in a land assembly and redevelopment project, including the preservation, restoration or relocation of historical buildings, it may by vote provide for the organization of such an authority. In determining the need for a housing authority, the city council or the town shall take into consideration the need for relieving congestion of population, the existence of substandard, decadent or blighted open areas or unsanitary or unsafe inhabited dwellings, and the shortage of safe or sanitary dwellings available for families or elderly persons of low income at rentals which they can afford.

Whenever a housing authority determines that there is no further need for its existence, that it has no property to administer, and that all outstanding obligations of the authority have been satisfied, it may by a majority vote of the five members submit the question of its dissolution, in a town, to the voters at an annual town meeting or, in a city, to the municipal officers. If a city or town votes for such dissolution in accordance herewith and the department is satisfied of the existence of the facts required herein it shall so certify to the state secretary and said housing authority shall be dissolved forthwith subject to the applicable provisions of section fifty-one of chapter one hundred and fifty-five.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015