General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 121B Housing and Urban Renewal - Section 32D Actions by tenants or tenants’ organizations

Section 32D. A tenant or member of a tenant household in a public or subsidized housing development whose health or safety has been seriously threatened as described in section thirty-two C, and where there is reasonable cause to believe that such unlawful conduct will continue to pose a serious threat to his health and safety may institute and prosecute in his own name and on his own behalf or on behalf of other willing household members a civil action requiring the landlord of the public or subsidized housing development to seek injunctive and other appropriate relief as provided in section thirty-two C, provided that the landlord of the public or subsidized housing development has actual or constructive notice of said unlawful conduct. Such civil action may also be pursued by a tenants organization, whether incorporated or unincorporated, on behalf of its members, and without any requirement that such organization be represented by counsel in order to pursue such action. This paragraph shall not be construed so as to limit relief otherwise available under chapter two hundred and nine A. Nothing in this section shall be read to limit the civil and criminal remedies otherwise available under section thirty-nine of chapter two hundred and sixty-five or section one hundred and twenty-seven B of chapter two hundred and sixty-six. This paragraph does not limit any existing nor create any new civil or criminal liability.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015