General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 121C Economic Development and Industrial Corporations - Section 4 Corporate seal; officers; bond; accounts; annual audit and report; management of affairs and property

Section 4. The directors of the corporation shall adopt a corporate seal for the corporation, and designate the custodian thereof; may from time to time appoint and at pleasure remove a clerk, a treasurer or such other officers of the corporation as they may deem necessary, and may determine their duties and their compensation, which shall be paid by the corporation; shall cause at all times accurate accounts to be kept of all receipts and expenditures of the funds of the corporation; and shall make a report annually in December to the municipality, MOBD and to the director, containing an abstract of such accounts and detailed information of all receipts and expenditures, including prices paid for land purchased or taken and any buildings constructed thereon, contracts for construction of facilities and for the leasing thereof, and such other detailed information as may be deemed helpful. The office of treasurer and clerk may be held by the same person. The corporation shall cause an audit of its books and accounts to be made at least once in each fiscal year by certified public accountants and the cost thereof shall be treated as an item of current expense. Except as otherwise provided in this act, the corporation shall have full power to exercise care of its property and the management of its business and affairs, and to sell and convey any real estate or other property not needed for its business or affairs, by deed or other instrument sealed with the corporate seal, signed and acknowledged by a majority of the board of directors or in like manner to authorize such sale and conveyance by any of its officers or agents. The treasurer shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties, with a surety company authorized to do business in this commonwealth as surety, in such sum as the said board may determine, the premium therefor to be paid by the corporation. Neither chapter thirty-one nor any rule made thereunder shall apply to any person employed or engaged by the corporation under this act.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015