General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 127 Officers and Inmates of Penal and Reformatory Institutions. Paroles and Pardons - Section 20A Prisoner classification board

Section 20A. The superintendent of each correctional facility shall establish a periodic classification board, the membership of which he shall appoint. Such boards shall make recommendation to such superintendent or his deputy for a prisoner’s periodic grading and classification; provided, however, that such recommendation shall be made only by a full board. No less than three members shall constitute a full board. Such classification boards shall consist of correction officers, prison camp officers, correctional counselors, unit managers, directors of classification or deputy superintendents; provided, however, that in a facility designated by the commissioner as maximum or medium security, one member shall be a correction officer and, in a facility designated by the commissioner as a community correction facility, one member shall be an employee of the department whose primary role includes security responsibilities.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the grading and classification of any prisoner at a correctional facility other than that facility to which such prisoner is currently committed if, in the commissioner’s opinion, conducting such procedure at another facility is appropriate for such prisoner.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015