General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 148 Fire Prevention - Section 56 Parking space business; licenses; fees; term; suspension and revocation; unlicensed business

Section 56. In any city or town which accepts the provisions of this section, no person shall engage in the business of conducting or maintaining an open-air parking space without a license therefor granted, in the city of Boston, by its commissioner of transportation, and in any other city or town, by the local licensing authority, approved in all cases by the head of the fire department. Each license granted under this section and the application therefor shall specify all the premises to be occupied by the licensee for the purpose of conducting the licensed business, the total area of the space therein to be actually used for parking or storing vehicles, and the maximum number of vehicles to be parked or stored in such area. The fee for each such license shall be such amount as may be established by the authority granting the license, and said authority may reasonably classify said licenses and fees. Licenses granted hereunder shall expire on April thirtieth following the date of issue, or on such date as may be specified therein, and may be suspended or revoked by such authority and by the head of the fire department. Whoever, not being licensed, engages in a business required by this section to be licensed, or is concerned therein, or, being licensed, violates any condition of his license or engages in such business, or is concerned therein, and any other place than that designated in his license or after notice to him that his license has been suspended or revoked, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any open-air parking space established under paragraph (g) of section three of chapter one hundred and sixty-one A or under paragraph (g) of section six of chapter one hundred and sixty-one B and maintained or conducted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or by an authority created under said chapter one hundred and sixty-one B or a lessee or licensee thereof.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015