General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 15 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Section 64 Carnegie school grant program; definitions

Section 64. As used in sections sixty-three to sixty-five, inclusive, the following words shall have the following meanings:—

“Carnegie school”, an individual public school, including a school operated by an educational collaborative established under section four E of chapter forty, which operates pursuant to a system of governance set out in an approved Carnegie school plan.

“Carnegie school plan”, a comprehensive three-year strategy approved by the board of education which restructures the school building governance and educational environment, and empowers public school teachers and other professional staff by enabling them to participate in and design the public school governance and organization. Such plan may also include financial decisions on how Carnegie school grant funds are to be allocated at the school building level.

“Waiver”, a written agreement between the school-based planning team and an involved organization allowing exemptions from regulations, local school policies, or contractual provisions which, in the opinion of a school-based planning team, are necessary to implement the provisions of the Carnegie school plan. Said waiver may be approved by the board only when the board is convinced that the intent of existing rights and protections accorded to students is maintained or enhanced, and where there is reasonable promise of improved student achievement.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015