General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 150E Labor Relations: Public Employees - Section 14 Information statement and financial report required of employee organizations; filing; enforcement

Section 14. No person or association of persons shall operate or maintain an employee organization under this chapter unless and until there has been filed with the commission a written statement signed by the president and secretary of such employee organization setting forth the names and addresses of all of the officers of such organization, the aims and objectives of such organization, the scale of dues, initiation fees, fines and assessments to be charged to the members, and the annual salaries to be paid to the officers.

Every employee organization shall keep an adequate record of its financial transactions and shall make annually available to its members and to non-member employees who are required to pay a service fee under section twelve of this act, within sixty days after the end of its fiscal year, a detailed written financial report in the form of a balance sheet and operating statement. Such report shall indicate the total of its receipts of any kind and the sources of such receipts, and disbursements made by it during its last fiscal year. A copy of such report shall be filed with the commission.

In the event of failure of compliance with this section, the commission shall compel such compliance by appropriate order, said order to be enforceable in the superior court for the county wherein such violation has occurred in the same manner as other orders of the commission under this chapter.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015