General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 15A Public Education - Section 3A Statewide educational technology plan; goals; development and implementation

Section 3A. A statewide educational technology plan, to be known as Massachusetts education-on-line, shall be developed by the Massachusetts corporation for educational telecommunication, hereinafter referred to as MCET. Said educational technology plan shall incorporate the following goals:

(a) the implementation and integration of technology into teaching and learning in public schools, including, but not limited to, the establishment of a statewide telecommunications and technology link among public college and university campuses and school districts through the use of computer and communications technology;

(b) the facilitation of the implementation of a statewide professional development plan for teachers, principals, and superintendents using distance learning in coordination with the commissioner of education; and,

(c) the increased involvement of parents, guardians, mentors or other volunteers with their students’ education by utilization of distance learning.

For the purposes of this section, said educational technology plan shall be broadly construed to include, but not be limited to, programs, courses, and capital expenditures including computer hardware and software, networks, television, satellite transmissions, fiber optics cable, calculators and video and audio tapes. Subject to appropriation, MCET may provide grants to universities, colleges, schools and school districts for the purposes of purchasing the equipment and other materials necessary for the implementation of said educational technology plan. The MCET executive director, in consultation with the secretary and the board of education and the board of higher education, may establish such advisory groups or committees as he deems necessary for the development and implementation of said educational technology plan.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015