General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 175E Regulation of Rates for Motor Vehicle Insurance - Section 5 Fixing rates; hearing; report

Section 5. If the commissioner determines, after a hearing, at which representatives of consumers and other interested parties may participate, and on the basis of findings of fact and conclusions, that, with respect to any territory or to any kind, subdivision or class of insurance, competition is either (i) insufficient to assure that rates will not be excessive, or (ii) so conducted as to be destructive of competition or detrimental to the solvency of insurers, he shall, within ninety days or as soon thereafter as possible and without regard to calendar dates specified in section one hundred and thirteen B of chapter one hundred and seventy-five, fix and establish the rates for such insurance or territory pursuant to the provisions of section one hundred and thirteen B of chapter one hundred and seventy-five. Such procedure shall have a specified duration of not more than one year but may be renewed by the commissioner upon appropriate findings of fact, conclusions and order. Within thirty days after the close of the hearing the commissioner shall make this determination in a report which shall be made public.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015