General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 175K Interstate Insurance Compact - Section 13 Withdrawals from compact or default; reinstatement; dissolution of compact

Section 13. (1)(a) Once effective, the compact shall continue in force and remain binding upon each and every compacting state; provided, that a compacting state may withdraw from the compact hereinafter referred to as withdrawing state by enacting a statute specifically repealing the statute which enacted the compact into law.

(b) The effective date of withdrawal is the effective date of the repealing statute. However, the withdrawal shall not apply to product filings approved or self-certified, or to an advertisement of the products, on the date the repealing statute becomes effective, except by mutual agreement of the commission and the withdrawing state unless the approval is rescinded by the withdrawing state as provided in paragraph (e).

(c) The commissioner of the withdrawing state shall immediately notify the management committee in writing upon the introduction of legislation repealing this compact in the withdrawing state.

(d) The commission shall notify the other compacting states of the introduction of the legislation within 10 days after its receipt of notice thereof.

(e) The withdrawing state shall be responsible for all obligations, duties and liabilities incurred through the effective date of withdrawal, including any obligations, the performance of which extend beyond the effective date of withdrawal, except to the extent those obligations may have been released or relinquished by mutual agreement of the commission and the withdrawing state. The commission’s approval of products and advertisement before the effective date of withdrawal shall continue to be effective and be given full force and effect in the withdrawing state, unless formally rescinded by the withdrawing state in the same manner as provided by the laws of the withdrawing state for the prospective disapproval of products or advertisement previously approved under state law.

(f) Reinstatement following withdrawal of a compacting state shall occur upon the effective date of the withdrawing state reenacting the compact.

(2)(a) If the commission determines that any compacting state has at any time defaulted hereinafter referred to as a defaulting state in the performance of its obligations or responsibilities under this compact, the by-laws or duly promulgated rules or operating procedures, then, after notice and hearing as set forth in the by-laws, all rights, privileges and benefits conferred by this compact on the defaulting state shall be suspended from the effective date of default as fixed by the commission. The grounds for default include, but are not limited to, failure of a compacting state to perform its obligations or responsibilities, and other grounds designated in commission rules. The commission shall immediately notify the defaulting state in writing of the defaulting state’s suspension pending a cure of the default. The commission shall stipulate the conditions and the time period within which the defaulting state shall cure its default. If the defaulting state fails to cure the default within the time period specified by the commission, the defaulting state shall be terminated from the compact and all rights, privileges and benefits conferred by this compact shall be terminated from the effective date of termination.

(b) Product approvals by the commission or product self-certifications, or any advertisement in connection with the product, that are in force on the effective date of termination shall remain in force in the defaulting state in the same manner as if the defaulting state had withdrawn voluntarily pursuant to subsection (1).

(c) Reinstatement following termination of any compacting state requires a reenactment of the compact.

(3)(a) The compact dissolves effective upon the date of the withdrawal or default of the compacting state which reduces membership in the compact to one compacting state.

(b) Upon the dissolution of this compact, the compact becomes null and void and shall be of no further force or effect, and the business and affairs of the commission shall be wound up and any surplus funds shall be distributed in accordance with the by-laws.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015