General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 176E Dental Service Corporations - Section 12 Disputes or controversies; submission to board; review

Section 12. Any dispute or controversy arising between a dental service corporation and any participating dentist, or any subscriber, or any person whose subscription certificate has been cancelled or to whom such corporation has refused to issue such certificate may within thirty days after such dispute or controversy arises be submitted by any person aggrieved to a board serving in the division of insurance and consisting of the commissioner or a person designated by him, the chairman of the board of dental examiners or any person designated by him, and the attorney general or a person designated by him, for its decision with respect thereto. Such an appeal to said board shall be conducted as an adjudicatory proceeding in accordance with the provisions of section eleven of chapter thirty A. All decisions and orders of the board or of the commissioner made under any provision of this chapter may be revised as justice and equity may require upon a petition in equity filed in the superior court within and for the county of Suffolk by any party aggrieved by such decision or order. Such proceedings in equity for judicial review shall be conducted in accordance with section fourteen of chapter thirty A.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015