General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 176I Preferred Provider Arrangements - Section 8 Powers of commissioner; standardized claim form

Section 8. In addition to other powers specified in this chapter, the commissioner may, after due hearing:

(a) promulgate appropriate rules and regulations necessary to the administration and enforcement of this chapter;

(b) issue an order requiring any person or organization to cease and desist from violating any provision of this chapter or any rules, regulations, or order hereunder;

(c) require any person or organization found to have violated any provision of this chapter or any rule, regulation or order hereunder to forfeit an amount not to exceed ten thousand dollars for any single violation; and

(d) institute a rehabilitation or liquidation proceeding in accordance with the provisions of section one hundred and eighty A through one hundred and eighty L of chapter one hundred and seventy-five.

The commissioner of insurance is hereby directed to produce a standardized claim form to be utilized by all health insurance companies licensed to do business in the commonwealth for billing purposes.

Said form shall be made available to said companies no later than July first, nineteen hundred and ninety-three.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015