General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 176S Consumer Choice of Physician Assistant Services - Section 2 Physician assistants to be recognized as participating providers subject to Sec. 3

Section 2. The commissioner and the group insurance commission shall require that all carriers recognize physician assistants as participating providers subject to section 3 and shall include coverage on a nondiscriminatory basis to their insureds for care provided by physician assistants for the purposes of health maintenance, diagnosis and treatment. Such coverage shall include benefits for primary care, intermediate care and inpatient care, including care provided in a hospital, clinic, professional office, home care setting, long-term care setting, mental health or substance abuse program, or any other setting when rendered by a physician assistant who is a participating provider and is practicing within the scope of his or her professional authority as defined by statute, rule and physician delegation to the extent that such policy or contract currently provides benefits for identical services rendered by a provider of health care licensed by the commonwealth.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015