General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 179 Proprietors of Wharves, Real Estate Lying in Common, and General Fields - Section 39 Division of general field; court order

Section 39. The committee shall, as soon as may be after their appointment, make return of their doings under their hands to the court; and after its acceptance by the court, the fields so divided shall be deemed separate general fields and the proprietors of the field set off, and the remaining proprietors of the original field, respectively, shall be distinct and separate proprietary bodies, having like powers and privileges and subject to like duties and liabilities as the proprietors of the original general field before the division; but no order for such division shall be made, and no such committee appointed, until the other proprietors have had notice of the petition for such division. Such notice shall be given by serving upon the clerk of the proprietors a copy of the petition at least thirty days before such order or appointment is made.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015