General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 180 Corporations for Charitable and Certain Other Purposes - Section 7A Amendment or restatement of articles of organization, or articles of consolidation or merger; inability to comply with Sec. 7 or Sec. 10; approval

Section 7A. A corporation that is unable to comply with section seven or section ten may petition the state secretary for any amendment to its articles of organization, or for a restatement of its articles of organization, authorized by said section seven or for approval of articles of consolidation or merger authorized by said section ten. The petition shall state the relief sought and the reason for inability to comply, shall contain a list of the officers and members of the corporation, so far as they are known, and shall be signed under the penalties of perjury by an officer or member. The state secretary may require the petitioner to supply information as to what attempt, if any, has been made to secure the vote required to comply with said section seven or said section ten with respect to the proposed action, as well as any other pertinent information, and may direct the petitioner to give further notice to the persons entitled to vote, so far as they are known, by publication or otherwise, in such manner as he shall specify. If the state secretary becomes satisfied that the proposed action is approved by such persons entitled to vote as have expressed an opinion in relation thereto, or of a reasonable proportion thereof, and if he finds that the petition otherwise conforms to the provisions of law, he shall endorse his approval thereon, and the document shall be filed and otherwise dealt with in accordance with section seven or section ten as the case may be and other applicable provisions of law, and shall be treated in all respects as an amendment to or restatement of the articles of organization, or as articles of consolidation or merger as the case may be.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015