General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 182 Voluntary Associations and Certain Trusts - Section 6 Suits against associations or trusts; seals

Section 6. An association or trust may be sued in an action at law for debts and other obligations or liabilities contracted or incurred by the trustees, or by the duly authorized agents of such trustees, or by any duly authorized officer of the association or trust, in the performance of their respective duties under such written instruments or declarations of trust, and for any damages to persons or property resulting from the negligence of such trustees, agents or officers acting in the performance of their respective duties, and its property shall be subject to attachment and execution in like manner as if it were a corporation, and service of process upon one of the trustees shall be sufficient.

An association or trust may have a seal, which it may alter at pleasure, and which may be used by the trustee or trustees of such association or trust as his or their seal. An impression of a seal purporting to be the seal of such an association or trust shall be sufficient for all purposes without the use of a wafer or wax.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015