General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 19C Disabled Persons Protection Commission - Section 13 Notification by caretaker agency of death of disabled person; written report

Section 13. Upon the death of any disabled person whose caretaker was a state agency or an agency of any subdivision of the commonwealth or a private agency contracting with the commonwealth, said caretaker agency shall immediately orally notify the commission and local law enforcement officials of such death, and shall forward to the commission and local law enforcement officials a written report of such death within twenty-four hours of the death. Said report shall contain the name of the disabled person, the name of the facility in which that person resided, and the facts and circumstances of the death. The commission shall take all appropriate measures regarding the report pursuant to its authority under this chapter, including investigating the death, and shall determine whether the cause of death is related to abuse. If it is determined that the death is related to abuse, the commission shall conduct further investigation, or shall oversee further investigation, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015