General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 19D Assisted Living - Section 14 Written residency agreement

Section 14. The sponsor shall enter into a written residency agreement with each resident clearly describing the rights and responsibilities of the resident and the sponsor, including all requirements in section two of this chapter. The residency agreement shall be signed by the sponsor or the sponsor’s authorized agent and by the resident and shall include the agreement of the sponsor to provide personal services and other services and goods, lodging and meals, the charges, expenses and other assessments for personal services, lodging and meals, the agreement of the resident to make payment of such charges, expenses and other assessments and the arrangements for such payment, a grievance procedure, the sponsor’s covenant to comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding consumer protection and protection from abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled, the conditions under which the agreement may be terminated by either party, reasonable rules for conduct and behavior, and such other similar provisions as the department may reasonably require by regulation.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015