General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21A Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - Section 19F Violations; orders issued by board; notice to department

Section 19F. Whenever it appears that there is a violation of any provision of sections nineteen through nineteen J, inclusive, or of any regulation, license, or order issued or adopted thereunder, the board may issue to a person causing or contributing, or likely to cause or contribute, to such violation an order requiring the production or analysis of samples, requiring the production of records, or imposing such restraints on or requiring such action by said person, as the board deems necessary to abate or prevent such hazard or violation. Issuance of an order pursuant to this section shall not preclude, and shall not be deemed an election to forego, any action to suspend or revoke a license, to recover damages, or to seek injunctive relief, civil or criminal penalties, or any other remedy.

The board shall cause notice of each order, and of the results of all adjudicatory proceedings thereon, to be given to the department as promptly as necessary and in whatever ways are necessary in order to enable the department to promptly and properly exercise its powers and perform its duties pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, chapter twenty-one E, and all other applicable laws.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015