General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21A Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - Section 3 Functions of secretary; report

Section 3. The secretary shall conduct comprehensive planning with respect to the functions of the office and shall coordinate the activities and programs of the departments and divisions within the office. He shall continually review the operations of the office with a view toward improving administrative organization, procedures and practices, promoting economy and efficiency.

He shall prepare annually a report of the organization and activities of the office as individually reported by the various departments and divisions within the office, the assignment of functions to various administrative units, officers and employees, and of the established places at which, and the methods whereby, the public may receive information or may make requests, and such other matters as he deem appropriate.

The secretary shall annually evaluate the status of the natural resources of the commonwealth. This evaluation shall be submitted as a part of the report referred to in the preceding paragraph, and it shall be accompanied by recommendations for appropriate actions to be taken to protect the environmental quality of the commonwealth or to conserve and preserve the natural resources of the commonwealth.

In order to carry out the provisions of this chapter the secretary may, and is encouraged to, seek the laboratory, technical, education, and research skills and facilities of state institutions of higher learning.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015