General Laws of Massachusetts - Chapter 21F Coastal Facilities Improvement - Section 6 Findings required in application

Section 6. In making applications for assistance under this chapter, the city or town shall follow the rules and procedures developed by the secretary of environmental affairs to implement this chapter which shall include, but not be limited to the following findings:

(a) the proposed improvement will serve the public interest and is consistent with community wide needs and priorities;

(b) the project will have a significant economic impact on the fishing, marine, commercial or industrial, recreation or tourist industry or provide significant public benefits;

(c) there is a clear need for the improvement;

(d) the improvement is consistent with the guidelines set by the executive office of environmental affairs and that all required local, state and federal permits, approvals and licenses, have been sought or obtained in the case of an improvement requiring such;

(e) the funds required to complete the total improvement are or will be secured;

(f) the application for assistance has been approved by the mayor in the case of a city, the town manager in a town having a town counsel form of government and the board of selectmen in any other town;

(g) funds shall not be used for dredging projects.

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Last modified: September 11, 2015